Thursday, November 17th, 2022

Why I ditched Windows and went back to Apple

Photograph looking down on a table from above. To the left is a coffee cup and TV remote control. The majority of the frame is filled with the black keyboard and case of a Fujitsu laptop

Unfortunately my relationship with Windows 11 has come to an end. For the fourth time, my Fujitsu laptop has corrupted an SD card. While I’ve managed to recover the images, I no longer have confidence it won’t do it again.

It isn’t just the problems with SD cards. The laptop is barely 18 months old and it’s showing its age. There’s a mark across the screen from where it sits on a rubber protector that no longer cleans off. A couple of bumpers are missing from the screen edge. There are dents, scratches and what looks like the start of a crack. All this from a piece of hardware that rarely leaves the house.

Windows 11 continues to annoy. An update decided to reset the OS language to Japanese, which now refuses to change back to English. The inconsistency across the UI occasionally resurfaces to annoy and frustrate, striking at the time you need consistency the most.

While all this is going on, my 4+ year old MacBook Pro is still chugging along as a quasi-desktop machine, a 6 year old iPad Air runs quite happily in the kitchen as a media player, and my 4 year old iPad Pro tries desperately to convince me it’s a laptop. They have their niggles, like the appalling butterfly keyboard that I barely touch and Affinity Designer’s habit of crashing on my iPad if I move to a different app.

For the most part my Apple world just works. I don’t worry about losing a day’s worth of shooting, or OneDrive deciding it doesn’t want to save my Word doc. Maybe I’ve spent so long using Apple products that I’m used to its quirks. Maybe one company owning hardware, software and infrastructure is better.

Whatever the reason, for now at least, Windows 11 is relegated to something I keep nearby for testing. I hope Apple will welcome me back into its arms and forgive my brief diversion.

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