Thursday, March 23rd, 2023

Why I deleted social media apps from my devices

Graphic showing a mobile phone confirming an app has been deleted. Lines come out of the bottom connecting to various social media app icons, with the line broken

I decided to delete all social media apps from my devices. Here’s why.


Mobile apps are always a compromise. Features found on the web are missing. They demand images are shared from photo apps, not the carefully edited ones held on a drive. You can only open one window at a time.

Put simply: I can do more and do it more easily in a browser.

Table showing a comparison between the functionality of LinkedIn mobile app and web app
Comparing LinkedIn as an app and on the web. Conclusion: there’s some major bits missing.


Apps are determined to send you notifications. Even if you think you’ve switched them off, there’s always one that slips through. And like spoilt children, they scream for our attention and once they have it, refuse to let it go.

Without an app I don’t get interrupted while I work. There’s no temptation to have “a quick look” at it, which invariably leads to an hour wasted scrolling nonsense.


My productivity is much higher since I deleted my apps. I don’t sit on the sofa scrolling, or disrupt my work for the sound of a bell. I decide when I’ll use social media, and how.

I’ve reduce the time I spend on social media by about 1 hour each day.

Yet the quality has increased as I treat it as a business activity.


(There’s always a but)

Tumblr is still on my iPad as it’s easier to share images from Apple Photos. Even so, I rarely use the app.

It’s also on my phone because it’s my go-to time-killer when I’m waiting for something else to happen.

And I really like the chaos on Tumblr.

Was it worth it?

  • There’s more functionality on the web and it’s easier to use.
  • Avoiding notifications and the temptation to “just” scroll a bit saves time and distractions.
  • Using social media as part of my wider web use has encouraged me to use it more productively.

So in short, yes, deleting social media apps from my devices has been worth it.

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