Wednesday, July 19th, 2023

Is Bing’s image creator depressed?

An AI generated image of 4 silhouetted figures contemplating life

I’m a bit worried about Bing’s Image Creator. I tried to generate an image of a happy young girl and her father. After a couple of near misses, it finally decided it had detected content that goes against its own policies.

What these images are I will never know.

The last image it rendered is a touch disturbing in tone. After this, the creator blocked attempts to create new variations. Bear in mind I’ve asked for a happy girl with her father beside her.

This begs a few questions:

  • Is there some inherent behavior in Bing that steers it towards darker themes?
  • Is there an impact on me in terms of being profiled in a certain way?
  • Have my searches on Bing prompted this darker vision of the world?

Whatever the answer to these, it seems to be an interesting development. A little like Microsoft’s earlier AI Bot became incredibly racist when exposed to the outside world, I wonder if the image creator is depressed.

Or perhaps I’m anthropomorphizing code.

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