Monday, May 30th, 2022

Dear Influencer: did you really do it all on your own?

Illustration showing an influencer in light blue exercise wear standing on top of a pile of likes, messages, free stuff and other detritus used to make their success

From time to time I see an influencer proclaim they “did it all on their own.” These posts maintain there was “no one else to help” achieve whatever success they claim. Invariably these inspirational posts swarm with validating messages of congratulations.

I have questions.

  • Who took the carefully composed photographs that so often accompany these posts?
  • Who processes the payments they receive, or sends the “free stuff” they promote?
  • Who provides the app on which the pronouncement is made?
  • Who inspired and guided their journey with blog posts, videos and podcasts?
  • Most important, who boosts their posts with views, likes and shares?

I’m sure these self-promoting, “go me” posts speak to a certain audience. I hope they give people the confidence they need to have a go at their own business or achieve whatever goal they’ve set.

We’re long past the stage where an influencer can be successful without the help of others. Their help may be paid for, viewed on a YouTube tutorial, or the simple tap of a “like”, but we need it. Without it, we’re screaming into a digital void with no one to hear.

To my mind, acknowledging this unseen support is a far greater shower of humility and self-awareness.

My name is Ross Hori

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