Tuesday, September 5th, 2023

Imma: a virtual influencer encourages us to invest

Photograph of virtual influencer Imma in an advert for Nomura bank encouraging people to invest in a NISA 20 year duration product

The people of Japan like to save money. Problem is they usually put it in “safe”, low interest bank accounts. That ties money up and means over the long term, savings fall in value. Not great for a country facing the pressures from an aging population.

NISA is a tax-free investment product that turns savings into stocks. It’s meant to appeal to younger people who might be more willing to take a risk with their money, but don’t need the drama of trading. However, take up has been low.

Bringing Imma into the picture might attract the attention of the instagram savvy youth of Japan. However, whether the message “let’s invest for 20 years” works with a piece of software that might not be around in 10 remains to be seen.

Then again, could the same be said of any celebrity used for an endorsement? At least Imma will vanish because of a software retirement rather than being cancelled after another scandal.

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