Friday, September 15th, 2023

How do Japanese seniors use the mobile internet?

Image of a hand holding a mobile phone with LINE open

This is a PDF based deck created for LinkedIn. It covers research from the Mobile Society Research Institute, a part of telco NTT DoCoMo, looking at how those in their sixties and seventies access the Internet.

I wanted to present the research with my own conclusions on LinkedIn as part of my networking efforts. The basic process I went through was:

  • Convert the data prepared by MSRI into Apple Number spreadsheets. This made the numbers easier to look at and understand
  • Create the Keynote file from a template. I had to adapt the chart templates to fit the data, including settling on the blue/red convention for male/female distinctions in the data. Each chart also has a simple text conclusion
  • I sourced extra data from MSRI that provided additional context. Some of this wasn't used, although it helped frame my assessment and conclusions
  • I formed my own conclusions about the data, what it was telling us and how it might influence our future decisions in supplying services to Japanese seniors
  • After finalizing the design, it was exported to a PDF file and uploaded to LinkedIn, shared with a brief summary.

The images below are the full deck. Alternatively, you can view the LinkedIn post and how the carousel appears.

The LinkedIn carousels take flack from some quarters, but I think they're a useful tool when used correctly. Setting up a template and creating carousels becomes a relatively quick process. Gathering the data, building the PDF and getting it posted took me a little over two hours. Not bad for 4,000 impressions, a few likes and some leads.

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