Friday, September 22nd, 2023

Check your stock images before posting

Photograph of a young woman on a white background wearing a white jumper gesticulating in a completely indescribable manner.

Before you upload a stock image to your latest masterpiece, give it the once over. Not a general glance, but a really deep, considered examination of what’s going on.

More than a few times I’ve seen subtle mistakes in images:

  • an iPad held upside down
  • the rider enjoying their motorbike on the open road with the key missing from the ignition
  • the contact center agent serving customers with their headset disconnected
  • someone in the background flipping the bird

If there’s a problem with the image, reject it.

Doesn’t matter if you paid for it or got it free, bad imagery turns customers away. It also opens you up to ridicule.

Better to burn a bad image than have to deal with a social media storm afterwards. Or see a page underperform.

And for the record, I’ve dropped a few howlers in my stock photography too.

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