Thursday, June 8th, 2023

Experimenting with Bing Image Creator: is there a time limit for saved creations?

After a week and a half away having fun, I opened Bing’s image creator to see what “I” could come up with. What I found was some of my early creations had vanished.

It looks as if it keeps about 2 weeks worth of images, although I can’t be certain. I will take a look back in a few days and see whether it’s this, or some other factor.

Either way, I’ve started saving the blocks of 4 in folders with the prompt as the folder title. As my prompts can be a little long, sometimes they end up in the folder comments on MacOS.

It’s not good enough yet to replace other forms of illustration. I’ve commented before on its problems with people, faces and hands. It still doesn’t know the difference between a bicycle and tricycle. For abstract inspiration it seems to be doing a reasonable job.

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