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Report and editorial design

Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Graphic covered in dumps from various page layout and spread designs

The following are examples of my editorial and report designs. These were created primarily for clients and projects with a higher-value attached. For example, moving from a plain proposal produced in Word to one designed in Affinity Publisher helped a firm present itself more professionally and attract bigger and more profitable contracts.

These PDF samples have been redacted and adjusted to remove client confidential information.

If you'd like to commission me to design graphics for your reports and presentations, reach out on LinkedIn. My DMs are open!

Business Plan

An example business plan for a retailer seeking investment to expand. I helped the client structure the plan, collated research and created the final design. 


Custom Kitchens Brochure

A brochure concept for a kitchen designer. The objective was to create a mini-magazine to help potential customers as they designed their kitchens.


Fit Out Proposal

Created for a fitting company looking to secure higher-value clients. In addition to designing the layout, I also made the floor plan graphics. The final result was reverse-engineered as a template to use with future proposals.


Plastic Pollution Report

Sample spreads from a report created using blog posts. In addition to laying out the document, I created several infographics and charts from data in the articles.


Suppler Assessment Report

Pages from a report analyzing vendor responses to an invitation to tender. I managed the Request for Proposal process, from defining requirements to collating responses and through the final selection pitches.


Year End Accounts

Sample pages from an annual report. The objective was to create a professional document that went beyond statutory accounts as the client was tendering in higher value bid processes.


Books and Reports

Examples selected from other items of work. These include spreads in magazines, reports and a travel book concept.


If you'd like to commission me to design your reports and presentations, reach out on LinkedIn. My DMs are open!

My name is Ross Hori

I'm a freelance writer, designer and photographer. By day I create articles, features and reports. At night I take photos and write fiction.

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