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Monday, December 11, 2023

A Japanese bride and groom on the left of frame look right, behind them the circle of a red setting sun

One of the more useful features of LinkedIn is the slideshow. Create a PDF, upload it to a post and you have an interesting way of offering more information than text and graphics alone.

These are a selection of the ones I've created for my account, produced using templates in Apple Keynote.

As the sun sets on marriage

Japan is a deeply conservative country, and having children is deeply connected to marriage. This analysis explores research by Recruit into attitudes and intentions amongst the critical 20-49 year olds so have never been married.


Centralized versus Decentralized

The eternal conflict between drawing all power to the center of an organization, versus distributing it to the outer edges. Explored and explained in less than 10 slides.


The "Do Nothing" Business Case

When you pitch to invest, you need a benchmark to show how much better things will be. This is the "do nothing" scenario, and this is why and how to put it together.


Japanese Seniors Online

As Japan's population ages, so does how its seniors use and access the Internet. This slide show takes a look surveys from the Mobile Society Research Institute published in the second half of 2023.


How to take your brand to Japan

Even with population decline, Japan's market is an attractive proposition. Taking your brand into this fickle market is fraught with challenges, as this occasionally tongue-in-cheek guide shows.


Reasons I deleted social media apps from my device

An exploration for my reasoning to delete all the social media apps from my phones and tablets, and rely on the web based app instead.


How to customize footers in Apple Keynote

If you've ever struggled with adding brand friendly, customizable footers to your Keynote templates, you'll find this guide more than useful.


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