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Wednesday, April 03, 2024

A montage image of various charts and infographics from the selection on this page

A small selection of one page infographics from both client work and professional research. If you'd like to commission me to design graphics for your reports and presentations, reach out on LinkedIn. My DMs are open!

Examples from Keynote Presentations

These are a small selection from client work. My involvement varies from simple design of graphics from client data to carrying out research and analysis.

The year in review

Infographic with various financial performance figures presented on a single A4 page as part of an annual report

A one-page infographic from a set of annual accounts demonstrating key performance metrics.

Estimated annual energy consumption

Line chart showing predicted energy consumption changes as part of a bid deck

Taken from an investment pitch for increasing on-site solar generation. I calculated energy consumption as a mix of variable and fixed factors, then mapped to the client’s projected production volumes.

Sales volume is either slowing in decline in our 3 key markets

Bar and line charts showing how sales volume behaves in 3 key markets as part of a sales update presentation

Taken from an executive presentation to a board. The context was the new CEO building a case for action for a transformation programme. By breaking out the sales performance into major regions, I demonstrated a general slow-down in sales wasn’t “just” a consequence of pandemic lockdowns, but fuelled by a general slowing trend.

Weekly renewal income & volume

Stacked bar chart showing an insurance brokers commission and premium income mapped against policy renewal

Prepared as part of a business case for reorganizing an insurance broker’s commercial team. My analysis of renewal activity demonstrated there was no correlation between income and effort. Further analysis showed 90% of business was unprofitable and managed in a way that was off-putting for clients.

Turnover & margin by product category

Two versions of the same infographic.

Pie chart showing the turnover and profit margin as a dark mode graphic

The first is designed with a dark background for inclusion on a PowerPoint slide. It uses a dark background to both match the Powerpoint style and improve readability.

Pie chart showing the turnover and profit margin as a light mode graphic

The second uses a white background for inclusion in a PDF / print version of the accompanying report.

LinkedIn Infographics

These are from my LinkedIn account and address different topics that may be of interest to followers. They are designed to be visible in their entirety in the feed.


Chart showing the value of an instagram user is $33 per annum in advertising revenue

An estimate of the advertising revenue one user generates for Instagram.

New Japanese Workers Prefer the Office to Remote Working

Bar chart showing the preferences new Japanese workers have to remote working.

Prompted by the office vs remote working debate and a news report in the Mainichi newspaper.

Global insuretech market

Bubble chart showing 4 predictions for the size of the Global insuretech market by 2030

Used to demonstrate the importance of using scenario models in business plans. My research into the market showed significant variations in the projected size of the market.

Japanese non-regular workers

Infographic setting out the way non-regular workers are used and their demographics in Japan.

A one page infographic drawing together several data points from official Government sources.

Non-profit email open rates

Chart showing how non-profits use email to reach people, and their success through the open, click and CTR phases

Analysis of email open rates in the third sector. This demonstrated the performance of email marketing in not-for-profit relative to its wider use in the economy.


Infographic showing my use of YouTube by device, topic and format

Prompted by a discussion about how we use YouTube on different devices. I created the infographic from my own data to illustrate a gonzo style discussion on YouTube usage.

2030 Hydrogen Market

Line chart comparing four estimates of the global growth in the Hydrogen market to 2032

Created after a discussion on the potential size of the market, and a disagreement amongst some participants as to its success (or otherwise). I sourced the numbers individuals were using (usually without credit) and mapped them to show the likely projections and their relationships.

Branded samples

The remaining samples are taken from a branded statistic pack. Each type of chart uses a distinct color and icon set to identify the topic. The approach means I can design and create social media friendly graphics quickly and to a consistent brand.

If you'd like to commission me to design graphics for your reports and presentations, reach out on LinkedIn. My DMs are open!

Line chart showing the high number of job openings per person looking for work in Japan, with an upward trend accelerating.
Bar chart showing the accelerated growth of zero emission vehicles to 2050
Line chart showing the growth in light vehicles (cars and small vans) peaking in 2045, then falling away
Bar chart showing the level of imports into Japan from the UK across 2016-2022
Bar chart showing the CO2 generated per kilometer in the UK in 2021/2
Bar chart showing the different ways Japan generates electricity in 2021
Table showing the most popular websites visited in Japan in June 2022.
Bar chart showing the access to the internet in Japan by age group
Line chart showing how people access the internet in Japan by age and device.

If you'd like to commission me to design graphics for your reports and presentations, reach out on LinkedIn. My DMs are open!

My name is Ross Hori

I'm a freelance writer, designer and photographer. By day I create articles, features and reports. At night I take photos and write fiction.

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