Editorial design

My focus with editorial design is reports, in-house magazines and large format brochures. As well as standalone marketing assets, I also work on system generated documents (such as pension reviews, welcome packs etc).

Lifestyle magazine

Created as a framework for lifestyle oriented magazines, this concept features full page and dual page imagery and a variety of single and multi page feature layouts. The presentation is wrapped around a magazine for a country Estate Agent, potentially for use as a take-away for potential buyers, or to reawaken those who may be looking for higher end properties.

Multipage artboard for an estate agent marketing magazine concept

A recipe book for students

When my youngest daughter left for university she asked me for all the recipes of the food she liked. She got a roughly formatted PDF, but it triggered an idea of creating my own recipe book. As I’d copied most of the recipes in whole or part from others, I decided not to continue with the project and converted the A5 format template into a framework for other projects.

Multi page artboard for a recipe book concept

Brochure / catalogue hybrid

Concept created for an Affinity Publisher template. It’s designed as a brochure/catalogue cross-over for higher value customers to take away. The presentation concept features a custom kitchen design company aiming to promote both their services, and the range of products they can offer.

Multipage artboard for a kitchen services catalogue style brochure

Pension review

Concept for a financial services client. Their annual pension review was a simple document, little more than a Word file generated from their CRM. The concept was put together using Affinity Publisher, then recreated in the CRM using Word and its underlying logic.

Multi page artboard for a pension plan review.

Collating blog posts into a report

For over a year I ran a news aggregator focused on Socially Responsible Business, and produced several in-depth pieces. Some of these were collated into a print and PDF report. Refreshing website content and using it in magazine and brochure formats is an effective way of extending both its impact and perceived value.

Cover page artboard setting out how the UK disposes of its plastic recycling
Page artboard with a pie chart on the left and map on the right explaining how the UK exports its plastic waste
Artboard graphic with a Coke bottle in the centre, public enemy #1 in large letters on the top left and words surrounding it

Osaka Travel Guide

Castles, Shrines and Sushi was a personal project I started in 2018. It was intended to be a travelogue from my then annual trips to Japan. It took a backseat for various reasons, but now I’m living in Kobe I’ve started looking at it again. You may find it in a bookstore near you soon.

Graphic showing a proposed cover image for a book on travels around Japan with a photo of Osaka Castle
Graphic with a mockup of an inside spread of a book on Osaka Castle with multiple images and background information

My name is Ross Hori

I'm a freelance writer, designer and photographer. By day I create articles, features and reports. At night I take photos and write fiction. Find out more.