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Apple Keynote Decks

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Graphic showing example keynote slides

Apple Keynote is a simple to use, yet incredibly powerful alternative to Microsoft Powerpoint that comes free with every Apple iCloud account. I've used it for countless presentations to public audiences, boards and workshops. In recent years I've taken on designing presentations for sales pitches, investment pitches and business cases.

The following links will open a PDF in a new window.

Cover slide from a pitch deck for a Fintech, featuring a grey banner on the left and a woman at a coffee machine on the right

Fintech Pitch Deck

Having a simple deck to hand for those ad hoc encounters can generate unexpected interest in your small business or start-up.

Keynote slide split in half. Top half has a modern high-rise skyline, the lower half is more intimate and traditional shopping streets

Proposal Presentation

If you're involved in a tendering process, focus your pitch deck on what the prospect wants to hear.

Keynote slide with a tower block in the center on a white and green background, with call-outs to key features in the building.

Real Estate Pitch Deck

Sample slides from a deck promoting a new development. It high-lights 4 slides, including floor plans, pricing and the local area.

Keynote slide. On the left is text under a bright orange banner, with a black and white photo of a woman crouching on the right.

Template Riffs

Experiments with different potential slide layouts. Completed as a way of keeping skills fresh and the mind active.


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