Monday, July 3rd, 2023

Why I’ve returned to Lockdown Mode to beat my work from home blues

Black and white photograph of a statue of buddha. The buddha is lying on their side, apparently asleep.

Between the rain and work, I've spent too much of these past couple of weeks indoors. It's been tough, and I've slipped both mentally and physically. The aches are back. So too the melancholy. You should see my prompts on Bing.

So I dropped back into "Lockdown Mode".

During my time shut away in the UK I developed a survival strategy that kept me fit and active. Regular breaks to look at things far away help rest the eyes. Odd bits of stretching. Alarms to remind me to do things.

And "The Walk".

Everyday I go for a walk for at least an hour. There's some pretty steep hills around these parts, so it gets the heart pumping and leaves me more than a little breathless when I get a move on.

I also take my camera.

I challenge myself to take at least one photo I can share each day without being edited. This challenge is important because it forces me to look at my surroundings with fresh eyes. Even if I've walked the same path a hundred times, I will always find something I have not seen before.

This "new experience" keeps me fresh mentally.

Later in the day I download the photos to my iPad and go through them. Most are deleted. Some tucked away for later. Others are shared on Tumblr as Not Lockdown Lockdown Photos. Unedited, using whatever settings are on the camera.

These are from my local temple in Myohoji. I've photographed it several times before. But that's the point. 

Find something new.

Beat the melancholy.

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