Thursday, October 19th, 2023

Why I still play with Lego

A Lego airplane with a blue body, grey wings and red jet engines

I bought a Lego Classic set. One of the big ones in the yellow box that looks like a brick.

Every couple of days I dig in and slap something together. No particular purpose to it. It’s just a random collection of bricks that slowly take shape. I rarely know what I’m building until I’m halfway through.

Model building is so restful. Even making silly ones that take barely 30 minutes is like a brief meditation. It requires a surprising amount of focus to click bricks together and work out what bit goes where. Time for the subconscious to munch away on whatever was lurking in the depths of my worries.

I’m not someone who completes a model and insists on keeping it forever. It gets built, photographed and returned to the pile. If it’s lucky it might last a week. My shelves aren’t full of models completed to plan and preserved for eternity. I play with Lego.

If you want a 4-point plan for more enjoyable Lego playing…

  • break up the old models
  • do it for fun
  • throw away the instructions
  • silly is good.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to playing with Lego.

A blue lego house set on a green base plate with walls of yellows and reds

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