Monday, July 31st, 2023

Visit Kobe: posters to promote a beautiful Japanese city

Poster of the Tetsujin-28 statue, calling on you to visit Kobe

I've often said the city of Kobe doesn't do enough to promote itself. Great city, loads to see and do, but sort of keeps a bit quiet about it.

We've got beaches, mountains, museums, parks, art galleries, hiking trails, a 2km+ long shopping mall, steam trains dotted about the place, a zoo, more temples than you can shake a stick at, loads of street art and one of the 3 best night views of Japan.

Yet our rich history doesn't draw in the crowds.

Which could be to the tourist's advantage. Instead of fighting through the crowds and queues of neighboring Osaka, take a day or two out and visit Kobe. Half an hour on an express train from Umeda and you're in Sannomiya. Walking distance from the foreigner settlement were the first merchants after Japan's opening made their homes. A little further to the Ikuta shrine. Keep going to Harborland and Meriken Park with its "Be Kobe" photo spot. Swing back along the central shopping street (or it's parallel, which takes you through China Town and lands you closer to the park commemorating the 1995 Earthquake). Make sure you stop here and there for something to eat.

As for these posters? Put together over a couple of evenings on my iPad. No real reason behind them, it was sort of structured doodling while Mrs H and I talked.

Did I mention you should Visit Kobe?

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