Monday, September 25th, 2023

Rest and relaxation through photography

Photograph of a truck moving across a bridge, with the vehicle blurred because of its speed.

I go through phases with my photography. Current phase is a return to "slap a 35mm prime lens, set to black and white mode, everything else to manual."

Whatever comes off the camera is what gets used. At most I'll straighten it, maybe add a watermark. And I'm not allowed to shoot the same thing over and over again. One shot, then move on.

I find it quite relaxing to wander off somewhere, even if I've been there a few times before, and just pick up on details. My inner voice calms and my focus becomes whatever is in front of me. Subconscious then has free reign to get on with whatever.

These photos were taken on a walk one Tuesday morning. A few hours later I was in a dentist's chair having a broken tooth extracted. It was a useful way of distracting me from the pain.

My name is Ross Hori

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