Monday, June 5th, 2023

Panasonic LUMIX: an old camera makes a return

Black and white photo of a while kei van parked in overgrown thickets

With my Nokia Smartphone starting to look a little tired, thoughts turned to a new camera. I love my FujiFilm X-T20, but it can be a bit bulky and inconvenient. I wanted something small and compact, good enough for a bit of ad hoc snapping. Maybe some basic street photography.

Then I remembered the Panasonic LUMIX.

It was bought some years ago when I had a DSLR and wanted something small and light. Unfortunately it wasn't the camera the reviews led me to expect. I found it slow and the image quality was prone to noise. Yet never one to throw something out, it got tucked away in a drawer and forgotten.

And so this eight year-old, barely used camera got dragged out into the sunlight. I took it on a couple of short walks and played with the settings until I sort of tamed it.

Stress "sort of".

It misbehaves, occasionally decides not to focus, and is always happier when I use the LCD to shoot. There's noise in the images, though not as much once I forced it to max out the ISO at 400.

And I set it to black and white.

Not a great camera, and certainly no match for my FujiFilm X-T20. As a compact point-and-click it does the job.

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