Monday, November 28th, 2022

Naka Yachiyonomori Park: dedicated to woodwork

Photograph of a carved wooden man sat on a chair at the entrance to a park

This was a bit of an unexpected find. I was hoping to add the Kojiya Dam to my collection one weekend. Unfortunately there’s no access onto the structure, at least not from the side I approached.

What I did find was a quaint park called Naka Yachiyonomori. It’s little more than a field with a car park and a workshop. The focus appears to be woodworking, with ornate carvings for sale, and timber being cured in large sheds. There’s also a raised wooden walkway over some reed beds and a collection of BBQ pits.

It was nice enough that not accessing the dam wasn’t such a disappointment.

There’s a few more parks, observatories and shrines dotted around the reservoir, so a return visit will happen in the coming months

Black and white photograph of two cars parked with mountains and a lake in the background
Photograph of reeds hanging in a shed to dry
Photograph of an observation deck with trees and mountains behind
Photograph of a wooden bird box on a tree
Photograph of an observation deck in a reed bed

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