Monday, February 6th, 2023

Nagata to Itayado: a night-time photowalk

Photograph of a Japanese street at night. In the middle of the shot is a fish monger removing his last stock.

When autumn arrived I was determined to start night photography again. Obviously not determined enough as the weeks rolled past and my planned visit to Sannomiya never happened. Aside from an accidental late night, when my wife was getting her latest booster and I had what turned out to be 20 minutes to spare, Japan's night life passed me by.

Frankly the weekly visit to Harborland wasn't enough to keep me interested.

And so, one early January evening, I informed Mrs H she should get something on the way home for her dinner and set off for a walk. I followed the same route that had turned from a 5km to 11km round trip, deciding familiarity was best. After all, my aim was to get used to working with my camera in low light rather than capture the amazing sights of Japan.

A little more than two score photos were captured, and I arrived home two-and-a-half hours later cold, hungry but a little happier. The results are OK, but I think I have a little more work to do before I set out for Kobe proper.

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