Monday, September 5th, 2022

Kobe Sports Park Revisited

Black and white photograph of a childrens slide coming down a hill side with another slide curving over the top

A quartet of photographs from a visit to the nearby Kobe Sports Park. If you're a baseball fan and wondering where you've heard the name before, it's home to the Orix Buffaloes. I say home, because the team has two of them.

Unlike UK sports stadiums, which are generally dull, grey monuments to concrete and steel, Kobe Sports Park is a sprawling parkland hosting two stadia and a sports track. Around it are ornamental gardens and walks, and a couple of adventure playgrounds.

This flexibility makes for some interesting spaces. When there isn't a sports event on, the park is still full of families picnicking, kids playing and adults meandering. It makes for a dynamic part of the local community rather than a nuisance that clogs up the roads when the game's on.

Kobe Sports Park is a couple of kilometres from where I live, so I will be heading back there. There is a lot to explore and see, so I doubt I'll run out of subjects for my photography any time soon.

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