Sunday, October 30th, 2022

Kobe at night: a chance to practice night photography

Photograph of a bright orange sign reflected in the side of a building

My wife was due her Covid booster, which was scheduled for a Friday evening. While she got boosted, I had a few minutes to pop into Sannomiya and snap a few night shots. It wasn't intended to be anything dramatic, just a chance to get my eye in again.

A couple of weeks ago I was in Harborland with a small tripod, but this was different. It was unaided, just me and my slightly dodgy left arm.

The shots were OK, nothing spectacular. More important was I learnt a few things. Or was that relearned? After all, I spent quite a bit of time in Osaka shooting at night.

  • I need to boost the ISO. These were shot on 3200, and I think I need to go up to 6400 (the next stop)
  • If I am going to shoot objects that aren't directly lit, I need to be closer
  • The 18mm prime lens isn't the best choice for night work without a tripod
  • A larger f-stop would make life easier.

I'll be back out on the streets of Kobe in a couple of weeks. Hopefully I'll remember my lessons.

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