Wednesday, May 25th, 2022

Is a return to portrait photography on the horizon?

The last time I was in the studio was the back end of 2019. I was gearing up to emigrate, and decided to snatch a "last hurrah" shoot with a model I knew. Give me a couple of months in Japan and I'd have a house, a home studio set up and be ready to shoot again.

How little we knew.

First Japan banned people from entering the country. Then the UK locked down. Everything went on hold. Weeks of uncertainty followed before I was finally able to get onto a plane almost a year after that last shoot.

This is a story so many have told and heard, and I'm not one for dwelling on it. Suffices to say, I am still yet to shoot in a studio. Or with anyone but my wife (and then as a joke).

Hopefully things are going to turn around in the next few weeks. I'm boosting my competence in Japanese and think I could probably give basic direction. A replacement for my much loved (and now broken) strobe light is on the horizon. Street portraits may be where I start.

For now, enjoy a small selection of my past portrait work from the UK. Fingers crossed and wind in the right direction, I might be adding to it in the latter part of the summer.

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