Friday, June 3rd, 2022

Arima: a brief stop in a mountain onsen town

Photograph of a person sat on a rock by the side of a river

I may be in a minority of one, but I like the way these are done in some Japanese towns. They turn a brief stretch of river into a pleasant place to sit and chill.

Sometimes it’s a park on either side, sometimes its like this one where it’s transformed into an adventure.

Compared to the mudfests I used to encounter in the UK this is a great way of turning a brief stretch of water into somewhere to enjoy – and protect against floods.

This one is in Arima. A town on the edge of Kobe, it’s famed for its hot springs and onsen. It’s well worth a visit, not just for its old buildings and obsession with water, but also its toy and condiments museum.

Photograph of a river park in Japan. The river meanders from top left to bottom right in a stone channel with a bridge in its middle
Photograph of a waterfall cascading into the river below
Photograph of a Monkey god statue in a street, with a small solar panel in front of it
Photograph of a statue of a man in traditional Japanese costume sitting on his knees
Photograph looking up at a Japanese power line, with the twin transformers in the centre and the pole stretching from bottom to top

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