Monday, December 19th, 2022

An autumn photowalk in the Myohoji valley

Photograph of a bare tree to the right of frame with a shanty beneath it and green hills in the background

Regular readers will know in front of my house in Kobe is a somewhat stunning valley. It's full of allotments, small holdings and a couple of larger farms, which gives it a rural feel. All this just 30 minutes from the bustling heart of Kobe City.

As the weather was offering a pleasant autumn sun and a light breeze, I popped down for a wander with camera in hand. The trip wasn't entirely spontaneous as I'd watched (and heard) a crane hard at work for the past couple of days. Time for a nose around.

Autumn is definitely here. Most of the fields have been cleared and prepared for planting. The annual "hedge trim" is done. Fires send smoke drifting on the wind as the old foliage is burnt away. A few people lurk around working on their land and we're at the stage where "nervousness about the foreigner with the camera" has turned into guarded "Konnichiwa" exchanges.

In all I spent about an hour wandering around photographing interesting things. I was armed with my trusty X-T20 and a 35mm prime lens, which added to the challenge. Then it was back to a warm cup of coffee and Affinity Photo.

The images were processed using a new filter I've been working on. It's based on an old Polaroid I had lying around that's fading to a warmer tone.

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