Tuesday, May 10th, 2022

Always take a photo on your phone

Black and white photograph of a Suzuki hustler kei car photographed straight onto the camera

Doesn’t matter if I have my trusty FujiFilm X-T20 with me, whenever I go somewhere I take a photo on my phone. It gives me the GPS coordinates, which means I know where I’ve been. Useful for return visits, or if I get asked, “Where is that”?

If I’ve gone there by car, there’s likely to be one photo of Henrietta (yes, she has a name). From bizarre abstract details to glorious portraits, what started as a joke has become a bit of a “thing”. 

When I visited Wakayama a few days ago, the SD card failed. Result: no photos.

Except the ones on my phone.

This was shot on my Nokia 7.2 Smartphone. The RAW file was saved and edited in Affinity Photo on my iPad Pro.

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