Monday, May 23rd, 2022

A walk in Okura, Kobe

Photograph of a sandy beach. In the middle ground are people walking, in the foreground a sign saying

It was a bit of an impromptu visit to the beach at Okura. We’d been to Harborland to visit a rather disappointing, yet glad it was open, festival. Having enjoyed a bit of a wander around the backstreets and a pleasant lunch, we jumped back in the car and started back. Only I wasn’t quite ready to go home.

Instead we wound up at Okura, a regular haunt where we’ll walk along the sandy beach and concrete storm defenses, watching fishermen and seabirds compete for the catch.

Only this time, instead of turning right we turned left. A different beach, sandier, with people playing and BBQs roasting. And in the distance, a lone figure enjoying the tides and currents of Japan’s inland sea.

Photograph of a beach in the top quarter of the image, a band of yellow sand above smooth blue water
Black and white photograph of sea waves breaking over a block
Black and white photograph of a bleached tree branch nestling amongst concrete storm breaks
Photograph of one tower of a suspension bridge over the sea. Just to the left is the small image of a man on a board boat, a kilometer or so out to sea

Photograph of a pale octopus sculpture clinging to a lamp post with a clock to the right.

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