Tuesday, July 26th, 2022

A moment to admire the Lamborghini

Photograph of a Lamborghini parked on a street in Kobe

I know “hypercars” are problematic. They are lambasted as symbols of wealth inequality and environmental disasters. Rightly so.

They’re also marvels of engineering, material science and design. They’re desirable, in a “poster on a bedroom wall” kind of way.

I don’t buy the “trickle down” theory that suggests the super-high-performance tech in the modern city runabout is born on a racetrack. My car owes more to narrow streets and a lack of steel than buzzing around Suzuka at three times the speed limit.

Nice PR though.

Equally, I won’t feel guilty at looking at a Lamborghini parked on a city street and admiring it for what it is. And hoping Lambo gets its first EV on the road as quickly as its cars get to 100kph.

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