Thursday, May 5th, 2022

A failed SD card

Photograph of high rise residential blocks in muted pinks and sandy browns with an expressway in the foreground and mountains in the distant background

I was in my twenties when a 36 exposure roll of film failed. Images from a walking holiday were lost to eternity because technology let me down. Memories gone.

Wind forward to 2022 and I’ve experienced the digital equivalent. An SD Card failed, losing over a hundred photographs of a beautiful part of Japan’s coast. Each image carefully composed. Time invested in seeing details others may have missed. Moments captured. All lost.

A waste of time.

Of course I was disappointed. It soon passed. I’ve not lingered on what happened, nor allowed it to dominate my thoughts. It happened. There’s nothing I can do but move on.

At that moment the scene was beautiful. It was inspiring. Something about it attracted and held my attention. Enough for me to raise my camera to my eye and take the shot.

I won’t remember it as well as if I were looking at a photograph. The details may be gone, but the overwhelming sense of an enjoyable day out remains.

Tomorrow is another day.

Image above: Osaka as seen from the 11th storey observation deck on Izumiotsu Road Station. Taken on my phone.

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