Thursday, April 13th, 2023

Why can’t I say “no” to an ad?

I blocked Post It Forward on Tumblr. Nothing against their work or them personally, just their promoted image. It was using an image of a woman who reminded me of someone I knew who sadly died of Covid.

I couldn’t see any other way. No option to tell Tumblr to tweak this ad or that I didn’t want to see it again. Just the nuclear option. Which I did.

And still she popped up. Every time I opened Tumblr there she was, a ghost looking out at me. Front and centre as the first post, flashing and blinking and demanding I look at her smile. Telling me not to worry. 

A support ticket was raised.

“Sorry,” was the TL;DR reply. “You’ll still see promoted content from Tumblrs you block.”

Really? So I added a feature idea for this NOT to be the case. Afterall, what’s the point of blocking someone if they can circumvent the block?

As of 10 minutes ago she’s gone. I don’t know why she vanished, nor if she’ll return. I hope not.

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