Tuesday, April 25th, 2023

Snapshot from my design workflow

Screenshot showing how I design an infographic from rough sketch in Affinity Designer to completed product

Most of my work starts as a sketch somewhere on my iPad. They’ll find their way to Affinity Designer, get resketched and then I fill in the blanks.

I usually do a side-by-side, so have my sketch artboard to refer to, then duplicate it and “trace over the top.” By the end there’s nothing left of what I drew.

Not 100% sure where I picked this up from. I’ve only been doing it for the past couple of years, so maybe I picked it up from spending too much time watching painters and woodblock artists work.

This was from an earlier version of a blog post on my content management framework. I wanted something that looked rough-and-ready to support my argument a rigid process helps no one.

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