Thursday, January 19th, 2023

Netflix or YouTube?


Debating whether to delete my Netflix subscription and opt for YouTube instead.


Netflix content has become hit-or-miss in term of both quality and entertainment value. More than half of the series I start I do not finish. The same applies to films. Documentary options are quite limited.

I’m watching more YouTube content because I find it interesting and informative. My daily consumption of Netflix is < 60 minutes, and YouTube is closer to >120 minutes.

It’s far easier to find educational and informative original content on YouTube than even a year ago. There’s a plethora of content creators producing good quality video.

The advertising on YouTube is tolerable, though little of it is in English, none is targeted to what I’m watching and I find it easy to ignore.

That said, a zero-advertising experience would make life easier when I’m trying to study a topic.

Also, the YouTube algorithm can have issues with its recommendations depending on what I’ve been researching. At the time of writing, it thinks I want to watch endless videos of people on ferries and trains, or fast fashion try-on hauls.

Bottom line:

I’m coming to the end of my relationship with Netflix. My viewing habits are changing and I don’t think Netflix is aligned with them. I want shorter, more engaging and informative content than the high production value entertainment shows the streaming giant is offering.

Whether I transfer my monthly subscription budget to YouTube, or use it in more direct ways to support content creators, is as yet undecided.

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