Thursday, October 13th, 2022

Portfolio updates: UK digital advertising, a coffee shop and Japan’s renewable energy

Two new and one updated infographics added to my portfolio.

New: UK digital advertising spend

A test for an alternative color scheme to my usual blues, reds and greens. I used data on UK digital ad spending from the IAB, and drew out 4 key pieces of information:

  • the total spend
  • the year-on-year growth compared to 2020
  • the proportion spent on different channels
  • where the majority of spending was directed.

Tilting the headline figure a few degrees broke the somewhat linear design.

New: Loyalty card customer mean spend

Reworking of a piece of work for my portfolio. Pre-pandemic, the client was a trio of coffee shops putting together a business plan to open a fourth in a different town. I produced a set of charts to accompany the Word version of their plan, and a PowerPoint.

They wanted something different to the defaults in Word, and we decided to mimic the blackboards they put up outside their shops. The PowerPoint was done in "dark mode" with a dark background aping a board that had been cleaned off. Instead of using charting tools, I created each by hand. The Word versions were images with reversed and darker colors dropped in.

I decided to revisit the design for my portfolio as I thought it was a fun and different take aligned with the brand. The data isn't theirs.

Updated: Japan's energy mix

While I was creating a Keynote to submit to a prospective client, I realised I'd made a mistake on the original version of this chart. While I'd used the correct "blue" palette for my environment themed charts, I'd not carried that over into the chart itself. That was still in green (see below).

Chart showing Japan's energy mix, with renewable energy expanded into more detail

The lesson here is templates can make life easier, just double check you're using the right color palette if you swap them around.

You can see more examples of my work in my infographic portfolio.

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