Thursday, April 27th, 2023

An isometric office, two color variations and a floor plan added to my portfolio

Two overlaid photographs of the same woman. One is red with the woman frowning, the other green with her smiling

A busy few days experimenting with different techniques for various projects.

The image above is a red/green toned photo edit using a couple of shots from my old archive. My aim was to create a repeatable color change I could apply to a small number of images in a presentation. Although I’ve been using Affinity Photo for years, this was the first time I’d tried something like this.

Remote working

Graphic of an office full of rows of desks with computers and monitors and chairs. Dotted among them are a bed, sofa, kitchen and dining table.

Created as a header image for a post on LinkedIn, this continues my exploration of isometric themes for my illustrations. Behind this is a small library of furniture elements based loosely on IKEA furniture.

Floor plans

Graphic of a trio of floor plans. The top one is a skeletal outline. The next two are laid out with beds, living spaces and furniture

From a portfolio piece. The concept was a real estate pitch for a new build, inspired part by a mansion block nearby, part from past experience in shop and office fit-outs.

I wanted something to fill out a floor plan and give it colour. Stock libraries of vector graphics were a tad dull and inconsistent, so I put pencil to iPad.

End result is I have several housefuls of scale furniture – from clothes on a hanger to laptops, beds and even washing detergent. The collection is still growing.

These have been added to the “Scraps” section of my portfolio.

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