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Features, commentaries and photo documentaries from my ever growing archive.

A manager gathers their team around as smoke and flames surround them. Behind is the fire exit. The manager wants to brainstorm evacuation journeys.

There isn't a perfect style of leadership

Sometimes you need a leader who gives you space to grow. Other times you just need taking to the fire exit.

A screenshot of Apple Numbers showing various tables in bright colors

Using Apple Numbers to reverse engineer a broken Excel spreadsheet

I was asked to improve an old Excel spreadsheet no one understood. This is how I did it using Apple Numbers

A railway platform in rural Japan. On the right is a white train, marked with a red stripe and Arima signaled as its destination.

Trains in Japan: a photo collection

Trains are a source of national pride in Japan. This photo collection captures some of those I've encountered on my travels

On the left is a manager, on the right their team. Both proclaim they make decisions, while standing on a precariously balanced plank of wood

To centralize or decentralize? That is the management question.

Somewhere between centralizing authority in a core group and pushing it out to teams is the happy balance.

Graphic showing 68% of journalists find press releases useful in generating content, and 82% consider more than half the pitches they receive are irrelevant

How to increase your chances of getting press coverage

Journalism is far from dead - and being featured in the press is still an effective way of promoting your business

A large bridge runs over a disused rail track with people walking back and forth along it.

Kyoto in Golden Week was not as busy as I expected

A cubist exhibition at the Kyocera Art Museum was enough to tempt me to Kyoto in the middle of Golden Week. How busy could it be?

A blue dress hangs on the left. A girl wants it because it's blue. Behind them their father debates whether it's the right price, easy to wash, she'll grow in to it and so on.

There's more than one type of customer

The user consumes our services. The buyer pays for it. Their wants and needs might not be the same.

High contrast, negative black and white image of 2 tall tower blocks with smaller buildings and a river crossed by a bridge.

Japan inverted: a photo manipulation experiment

A series of photo manipulations that turn bright, sunny streets into a dreamscape of black and white.

A model of a film camera in grey and black built from a formal Lego set

Why Lego has lost its creative way

Marketing tie-ins and rigid instructions has robbed Lego of its creative edge. Have no fear - it can be salvaged.

A young black woman in a blue dress and yellow tights stands with a hand on her hip, looking up and right

A portrait in an alleyway in London

A model, an alley and a quick exit when a shoplifting gang turned up

A series of the number 9 rotating from a point in the top left, slowly getting larger.

How to fact-check research for your reports and presentations

Taking a statistic off a random post and claiming it as true is a brand reputation disaster waiting to happen. Here's how to avoid it.

An old bridge runs from left to right across the remains of a moat, with Himeji castle faint in the background.

Discovering the lost Himeji castle town

Armed with an 1800s map and a camera, I toured Himeji Castle looking for the old town in its walls

My name is Ross Hori

I'm a freelance writer, designer and photographer. By day I create articles, features and reports. At night I take photos and write fiction.

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