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Features, commentaries and photo documentaries from my ever growing archive.

The LinkedIn logo fading against a dark background

Why I have trust issues with LinkedIn #91: random refreshes.

LinkedIn's ropey JavaScript sometimes triggers page refreshes while I'm in the middle of composing a masterpiece

To the right the steel structure of the monorail winds off into the distance. On the left the double deck roadway. In the center, a footpath that heads down into Kobe City

From Kobe Airport to Sannomiya along the Port Liner monorail

I've long wanted to walk the route of Kobe's monorail. 11km later, I'm glad I did.

Black and white photograph of a young woman in a spandex catsuit, sat on the floor looking down as if at rest after yoga

Gemma in 2005

A 2005 photo gets a modern touch up, and offers a chance to reflect on past photo shoots

An influencer runs away after stealing a LinkedIn post from a safe

A word to the content thieves

Pressure to post on social media has triggered an epidemic of copyright theft. Expect a backlash to start soon.

An alleyway in Kobe, Japan. The darkness is lit with Chinese lanterns and the glow of signs calling people to go inside.

The alleyways of Motomachi, Kobe (a photowalk)

Motomachi runs alongside Kobe's Chinatown. Alleyways link them, making a fascinating subject for photography.

Faded image of the London tube map with the Lioness line marked in black and a post-it with Wembley Stadium written on it

The thankless task of naming London Overground Lines

Much angst was caused by renaming 6 lines on London's transport network. Was it worth it?

Photograph showing a single key on a keyboard in focus, with out of focus text and reports in the background.

Why I think "writing for SEO" is the wrong approach

Focus too much on SEO and your copy will be unreadable. Better to think about the poor souls destined to read your content.

Black and white photograph of Buddhist and Shinto memorials nestled amongst a treeline

We need to talk about dignity and death

We talk so much about quantity of life. It's time to talk about quality, and when we can make an informed decision to end it.

Black and white image of a gumshoe private eye lighting a cigarette in a Film Noir style

YouTube is stalking me. I think I know why...

When recommendations from my personal account started leaking to my business one, I had to investigate...

Black and white image of a paratrooper lying on the floor of a hotel room with the balcony doors open and a wind wafting through net curtains.

Picture of the last Generative AI to die

Inspired by Robert Capa's famous photo, and brought to life using Bing Create and Affinity Photo

A black image with green text on it, mirroring The Matrix. Overlaid are 4 images, 2 men and 2 women, generated by Bing and having the Canny Valley effect.

Why AI Art is bad for your brand

Using Generative AI to create images for social media posts might be quick and easy but increasingly it looks cheap and unoriginal

A crow gathers beneath a light display at night.

The Kobe Luminaire. A memory from an earthquake

The annual illuminations are more than a light display. They are a cultural memory from the Great Hanshin Earthquake

My name is Ross Hori

I'm a freelance writer, designer and photographer. By day I create articles, features and reports. At night I take photos and write fiction.

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