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Features, commentaries and photo documentaries from my ever growing archive.

Graphic showing a circle of Android icons, with one of them running away.

Why my Lenovo tablet is staying in its drawer

Why bringing my 3 year old Lenovo tablet has turned me away from Android for years to come

To the right is a clump of white and pink cherry blossoms on a branch. They're sat against an out of focus background

Sakura round-up, 2024

After what looked like a shaky start, Japan delivered plenty of Cherry Blossom this year.

Chart showing Nissan and Toyota new vehicle registrations between 2015 and Q3, 2023. It shows how Toyota passed Nissan in 2019 and has been a larger seller since.

Does Nissan sell more cars than Toyota in the UK?

How I fact-checked an internet claim - and turned it into a LinkedIn infographic.

The red lattice of Kobe Port Tower stands above people walking along the dockside

Views of Kobe Port Tower in the fading light

A collection of photos of the iconic Kobe landmark taken as the sun set on Japan

Graphic with a woman in a circle on the left writing on a post-it note while other images are dotted around

How to use stock images in your content marketing

Images are an essential ingredient of content marketing. This guide will show you how to find images that work for your brand and don't land you in hot water.

So Kobe - a restaurant constructed from shipping containers - photographed at night

Don't you want a better phone?

A conversation about my photography leads to a question about why I 'only' use an iPhone SE

Graphic covered in dumps from various page layout and spread designs

Report and editorial design

Examples and samples from my work designing high-impact reports, brochures and magazines

A montage image of various charts and infographics from the selection on this page

Infographics & Charts

A selection of charts and infographics designed for PowerPoint presentations, blogs and reports

A graphic showing three circles on a pink background, each with a different part of a chart.

Can Japan's low productivity problem be solved?

Can Japan's low productivity problem be solved?

A small canal runs on the right. On the left are cherry trees heavy with blossom, with two people sitting beneath the shade.

Peace and quiet in Kyoto

The pandemic brought a rare opportunity to enjoy Sakura in Kyoto without the crush of tourism

Graphic with a woman on the left in a white circle looking up at people inside another circle.

Words of advice for a new manager

During a 30 year career, I've worked with many newly promoted managers. These are my words of advice.

A pleasure boat moves slowly through the cold water of a canal, with brick build warehouses on the left and snow covered mountains in the far distance.

Hokkaido: snow, queues and long walks

A weekend in Sapporo and Otaru was a mixed bag.

My name is Ross Hori

I'm a freelance writer, designer and photographer. By day I create articles, features and reports. At night I take photos and write fiction.

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