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Multiple red rectangles on a light background. Every fourth rectangle is replaced with a green credit card.

Why loyal binge-watchers are good for business

Customers who subscribe, binge download, then cancel can be as loyal - and profitable - as any other.

The LinkedIn logo fading against a dark background

Why I have trust issues with LinkedIn #91: random refreshes.

LinkedIn's ropey JavaScript sometimes triggers page refreshes while I'm in the middle of composing a masterpiece

An influencer runs away after stealing a LinkedIn post from a safe

A word to the content thieves

Pressure to post on social media has triggered an epidemic of copyright theft. Expect a backlash to start soon.

Faded image of the London tube map with the Lioness line marked in black and a post-it with Wembley Stadium written on it

The thankless task of naming London Overground Lines

Much angst was caused by renaming 6 lines on London's transport network. Was it worth it?

Black and white image of a gumshoe private eye lighting a cigarette in a Film Noir style

YouTube is stalking me. I think I know why...

When recommendations from my personal account started leaking to my business one, I had to investigate...

A black image with green text on it, mirroring The Matrix. Overlaid are 4 images, 2 men and 2 women, generated by Bing and having the Canny Valley effect.

Why AI Art is bad for your brand

Using Generative AI to create images for social media posts might be quick and easy but increasingly it looks cheap and unoriginal

A Japanese bride and groom on the left of frame look right, behind them the circle of a red setting sun

As the sun sets on marriage: a cover image

Generative AI does have a role to play in design. I use it for inspiration and tactical, time pressed demands

Illustration of various social network logos stuck in a trash can

Why I'm growing tired of Social Media (and how to fix it)

Social media has lost a lot of its appeal of late. Maybe we need a return to the heady days of underground zines?

Graphic showing a screenshot from an NHK breaking story on the plane fire at Haneda Airport overlaid over irrelevant photos of other aircraft, Tokyo and so on

An earthquake, an aircraft fire and why Threads failed

The catastrophic start to 2024 in Japan showed why Threads would-be Twitter alternative has a long way to go

A Japanese bride and groom on the left of frame look right, behind them the circle of a red setting sun

LinkedIn slideshows

A selection of slideshows created for LinkedIn, each designed to expand on a core concept

Graphic of a young woman. Next to her is the quote Thou Should not believest everythinge thou readeth on LinkedIn, attributed to William Shakespeare

Please stop sharing fake news for "likes"

You might get a few quick likes now, but search engines are catching up with those who share fake quotes online...

1950s style retro illustration of a black woman sat on a chair watching TV on her mobile phone

Is a 15 second attention span really a 'Gen Z Thing?'

Watching clips from TV shows is the latest thing to set Gen Z apart from other generations. Apparently.

My name is Ross Hori

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