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Graphic with a woman in a circle on the left writing on a post-it note while other images are dotted around

How to use stock images in your content marketing

Images are an essential ingredient of content marketing. This guide will show you how to find images that work for your brand and don't land you in hot water.

A graphic showing three circles on a pink background, each with a different part of a chart.

Can Japan's low productivity problem be solved?

Can Japan's low productivity problem be solved?

A black image with green text on it, mirroring The Matrix. Overlaid are 4 images, 2 men and 2 women, generated by Bing and having the Canny Valley effect.

Why AI Art is bad for your brand

Using Generative AI to create images for social media posts might be quick and easy but increasingly it looks cheap and unoriginal

A classic Buddhist shrine within the Suma dera temple complex in Kobe

Temples and shrines to visit in Kobe, Japan

Kobe might be off the usual tourist routes, but it has a rich variety of Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines to enjoy.

Graphic of a line chart in classic rise-and-fall against a reddish bar chart background

Why "Do nothing" will sell your business case

For the wonderful future a business case promises to make sense, pitch it against the reality of the status quo. Here's how...

Graphic showing a series of Suzuki Hustlers all facing to the right on an orange background. One of them is on its roof.

How to find the financial cost of poor quality

In this feature I offer insights into where to look for the cost of poor quality, and how to leverage them in your business case.

Graphic showing people walking in a street with a tablet superimposed showing a decline in sales

How to do market research without a budget

You don't need a big name agency and six figure budget to get insights on your target market. Here's a few ideas for doing market research when the money's tight.

A man walks under a street light in a back street in Osaka

How to enjoy street photography in Japan

If you're aiming for a spot of street photography while you're here in Japan, there are a few important differences that could land you in trouble. This guide has a quick introductions to some of the dos and don'ts.

Graphic with a camera and strobe light on the left, and a Polaroid of a woman standing against a wall on the right.

How to set a budget for your content marketing photoshoot

Photos are an essential part of content marketing. Question is, how big does your budget need to be to get outstanding results?

Circles joined together by straight lines in a distinct graphic style

How to use a CAGR in your business plan

The compound annual growth rate is a useful indicator for how much a market will grow. This guide looks into the topic in more detail, exploring what it means and how you can use it in your business plans.

Graphic of a woman cross-legged and palms pressed together in quiet meditation. She is in outline, with her shape made up from neon colors, contrasted against the black

Are we asking too much from AI? Probably.

Artificial Intelligence works well in structured, tight knowledge domains. Not so well in the real world. Should we dial back our expectations and use it as a tool to improve ourselves rather replace us?

A poster promoting the Tetsujin 28-go statue in Nagata with bright colours and a black and white image of the statue in its center

Visit Kobe: posters to promote a beautiful Japanese city

The city of Kobe in Japan is a beautiful, off-the-beaten-track city with much to offer the tourist.

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