Friday, August 5th, 2022

Tables, supercars and selfies

Photograph of a childrens playground with a blue slide to the right and a pair of swings to the left

How are you? Keeping well?

It’s hot here in Kobe. Daily temps are in the thirties, and at night it’s not much cooler. This is my second summer here, and I think I’ve got a measure of the heat. Keep hydrated, move more slowly, wear a wide brimmed hat and use sunscreen. The camera helps because I can pause for a few moments to snap something interesting.

We’ve had a few downpours, but nothing like what’s been experienced further north. Torential rain and horrific flooding have been the order of the day.

If you’re wondering about the playground, it’s part of my quest to improve my Japanese skills. Every day or so, I tweet a “Mini Diary”, and this was my lament on being too big to play on the swings and slides.

Anyway, here’s to a drier week ahead, although I have just heard a rumble of thunder…


This week’s updates

Photograph of a Lamborghini parked on a street in Kobe

The end of July brings a reflection on the month gone by. Enjoy a few photos and the stories behind them, including a fried chicken vending machine and some unusual advertising.

Graphic of a black white photo of a white woman wearing sunglasses looking to the right overlaid on stripes of muted colours where the stripes on the left are not the same sequence as on the right

Also during the week I shared one of my more serious posts on how I design tables in content. I’ve gone into some depth on my approach to styling, and the reasoning behind it. Big clue: my eyes jump around a bit and it makes tables like bank statements, company accounts and 99% of management reports really hard to read.

I’m also reading…

It wouldn’t be right just to share links to my own content when I’ve come across a few bits and pieces I found useful and interesting. 

I’ve been working on some icons for a project and needed a bit of a reminder of the basics. This post from Nick Butcher was a great help as a refresher.

Old age caught up with me and I lost a template I’d created with the correct font specs for Apple devices. The “Human Interface Guidelines” came to the rescue.

Weather makes another appearance. Apparently the River Thames, which runs through the centre of London, is 8km shorter due to the ongoing drought.

And finally, if you’re trying to capture that perfect selfie, I suggest going into space.

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