Friday, August 12th, 2022

Lifebooks, temples and Pokemon Go!

Photograph of small white flowers shown in sharp contrast against an almost black background

How was your week? Keeping well?

I’ve been watching reports of wildfires, dried up rivers and heatwaves with increasing concern. If you’re living in those parts, I hope you’re safe.

After bragging about how well I’ve been adjusting to 30C+ degrees, I had my own “pride before a fall moment”. Yesterday I managed to set off some heat exhaustion on a 5km round trip to do the daily grocery shopping. A cold shower and plenty of fluids when I got home fixed my stupidity.

There was also a bit of a surprise this week while researching CO2 equivalent emissions. According to the UK Government, plug-in hybrids have lower “kg co2 per km” than pure battery EVs. I’ve not got to the bottom of why, but it seems to be connected to battery size. If you know, drop me a line.

Anyway, hope you manage to avoid the worst of the weather and whatever you’re working on turns out brilliant.


This week’s updates

Photograph looking down on a table from above. To the left is a coffee cup and TV remote control. The majority of the frame is filled with the black keyboard and case of a Fujitsu laptop

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with my Fujitsu Lifebook. Sometimes I think it is way better than my iPad Pro and sometimes I want to close the lid and never open it again.

Photograph of a statue of a Buddha sleeping on his side, with his head to the left, feet to the right and various offerings in front

We all need to escape from time to time. One of the places I go and hide is the nearby Myohoji Temple. I toddle off with camera in hand, and a determination to find something new to photograph.

I’m also reading…

It wouldn’t be right just to share links to my own content when I’ve come across a few bits and pieces I found useful and interesting. 

Pokemon Go! is still alive and kicking. So alive they had a real-world festival in Sapporo, Japan. Fair play to anything that gets people up and moving around.

We use sound to tell us what’s around us, and which direction it’s heading in. EVs are all but silent in the urban environment, and that’s causing problems. The New Yorker took a deep dive inside the world of EV acoustics and the complexities of sculpting a new city soundscape.

Japanese design aesthetics are being used more widely in Graphic Design circles. Before you dive in and add “exotic” kanji elements to your design, you might want to read this takedown of how your work could be perceived.

Looks like “Dystopian Chic” is coming our way. I’m wondering if this means my old cyberpunk outfits are about to come back into fashion? The Daily Beast dives into this fashion trend, what’s driving it and where it might end.

And finally, in the middle of August I spent 10 minutes listening to The Polyphonic Spree singing Christmas Songs and it was glorious.

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