Friday, September 2nd, 2022

Happy Twitter, a lot of water and calligraphy

Photograph of a Japanese Manhole cover with Center South Dori written on it and a overhanging street light

As I write this, rain is hammering down on the windows and a typhoon is closing fast. Who said Japan’s weather is boring?

The website had a mild update, with some behind-the-scenes changes. Most notable on the front-end is the demise of Tako, the blinking hamburger menu alternative. Fun while it lasted.

Also this week I had a lightbulb moment and realised my favourite FujiFilm lens doesn’t have a profile in Affinity Photo. Might explain why a few shots have been a touch “off”. Until a profile arrives, I may have to apply some manual fixes.

In the next week I’ll release a few freebie icons from my collection. I’ve been working on a PHP “app” that generates SVGs from configured parameters, initially color and overlays. Square icons might be where this starts, pending a bug or two to fix. Stay tuned.

Whatever you decide to do in the coming week, I hope it’s productive.


Updates from my blog

August in review

Photograph of a sailor throwing a rope to shore from a cruise ship

A new month is an opportunity to look at the one that came before. Enjoy a few photos I shared in August and the stories behind them.

Dondo Dam and be kobe

Photograph of a wooden sign spelling Be Kobe with the blue of a lake and sky behind

Dondo Dam supports a lot of Kobe’s drinking water. It also hides the other “BE KOBE” sculpture. Here’s what happened when I went looking for it.

How to make Twitter fun again

Twitter should be fun. So how do you filter out the noise of countless political shouting matches and conspiracy theories?

Here’s how I tamed Twitter and turned it back into an entertaining and fun place to be.

From around the web

It wouldn’t be right just to share my own work. These are a few things that caught my eye this past week.

Bathhouses reimagined

Japan’s bath houses are facing a grim future. Younger citizens prefer the privacy of their own showers than sharing a tub with others. Yet a few enterprising souls are taking the traditional “sento” and giving it a modern spin.

A timeline of Google’s mobile payments

I thought there was a reason why I’ve never used my mobile to pay for anything. CNET offer a reminder of the launches, withdrawals, cancellations and relaunches that have plagued Google’s attempt to muscle into the mobile wallet.

Kawa Otomoko

Japanese calligraphy is an art form that works on two levels. The first is the ornate collection of strokes that comes together to shape words and phrases. The second is how those strokes are put together. I first saw KAWA Otomoko’s beautiful, almost dance-like performance a few years ago on the BBC. I’m pleased to say, thanks to Twitter, I’ve rediscovered her art.

Asian Sci-Fi Movies

Hollywood sci-fi has peaked, with a seemingly never-ending stream of superhero films heading our way. If you’re looking for something different, and OK with non-English language films, SCMP has a selection of Asian sci-fi films to track down. (Approach Tokyo Gore Police with caution!)

Yu Cai

And finally, Yu Cai produces illustrations that are eye catching with their colors, and captivating in their depth. It’s Nice That features a few examples of her work that are truly stunning.

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