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Why I have trust issues with LinkedIn #91: random refreshes.

Sunday, March 03, 2024

The LinkedIn logo fading against a dark background

Someone posted about Japan's proposal to create a "simplified" version of the language for those foreigners who don't speak English. It'll use simple grammar structures, a limited Kanji set, drop Katakana and where Kanji is used, add Hiragana pronunciation above.

Yay! says I. 

Followed by, "Hang on, I've heard this before."

Off I rush to Wiki to track down Maejima Hisoka, the founder of the Japanese postal system who argued for dropping Kanji completely and using only Hiragana. Were we witnessing the start of his dream coming true, I would post.


LinkedIn decided I wasn't interested, so it refreshed the feed and - even though I use the chronological timeline - decided I don't need to see that post again. It could be suppressing posts I've read or interacted with. I'm not 100% convinced LinkedIn knows how it works.

Usually, I write my posts in Apple Notes, particularly if I have to research something. This time I got caught out by LinkedIn's random refreshes. 10 minutes of my life wasted. 

Curse you, ropey Javascript, for denying the world my stunning insight into the future past of the Japanese written language.

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