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When the Earth and Moon fall into sync

Monday, November 27, 2023

Graphic showing the Earth and Moon in a locked orbit.

Eventually we'll reach a state where the same bit of Earth stares at the same bit of Moon. Just like we only see one bit of the Moon, stand up there and you'll only see the same bit of the Earth.

So if it happens the Western Hemisphere gets stared at by our only satellite, in the East they will never see the Moon in the sky. Just hear stories about it. Maybe flickering old videos with a Brian Cox voice over.

Imagine that. Never seeing the moon. How will our language and customs change to accommodate a world where half always sees it, half never does? What happens to our weather? Tides? Nocturnal wildlife?

Not that it will matter. By the time we drop into this orbital phasing with our satellite, the Sun will be well on its way to swallowing us up. Mankind will likely have vanished into oblivion to the sound of Greta Thunberg screaming, "I told you so!" Or figured out how to leave the planet and not f&ck up the next one.

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