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Gemma in 2005

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Black and white photograph of a young woman in a spandex catsuit, sat on the floor looking down as if at rest after yoga

I screwed up - my camera and the flash sets wouldn't play ball properly. We worked in a studio using steady lights and less-than-ideal camera settings. Still, time was booked, and I wanted to get some experience behind me. It was still early days in my photographer "career."

This was shot with a FujiFilm Finepix 5600, considered a half-decent "bridge" camera at the time. You could draw a line between it and the first "Mirrorless" cameras. Apart from a flirtation with a couple of Canon DSLRs, all my cameras have come from FujiFilm.

What came off the camera could have been better. They were a bit flat, slightly blurry due to a slow shutter speed and full of noise. Even so, I found a few uses for odd bits here and there. I think one of them ended up on the cover of an in-house Compliance magazine.

Occasionally, I dig back into the archive and pull something out to see how I've improved and whether a new filter set works across time.

Current plans to resume studio shooting are hampered by my appalling Japanese and general nervousness about my home studio rig. I might give street portraits another go to dip my toe back in.

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