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Photo edit doodling: my new insomniac behavior

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

A black and white photo of a black woman in bra and leggings sitting on a white couch looking down at the floor. The image is in black and white and slightly out of focus

Insomnia is a part of my life. It comes and goes, usually in the form of intense late-night bursts of creativity. I go to bed with Mrs H, and after she's drifted off to sleep, I go downstairs for some time with the iPad.

Last night was decidedly "odd". I came down, not with any particular idea buzzing around my head, settled, and fired up Affinity Photo.

I found myself going through very old shoots and editing half-forgotten images from barely remembered glamor shoots. This was not a conscious decision. It just happened.

I wasn't paying any particular attention to what I was doing. Most of what I edited are blurry shots with bits of the models missing. After editing, they have a common faded black-and-white theme.

The following day, I found I had 20 of these images done - and I don't remember doing most of them.

My theory is I needed to work something through in my head, and this became a task to let me do it. A bit of me worked on a process I've done countless times before, freeing up other parts of my mind to contemplate whatever was troubling me. I suspect I settled on this as I've recently edited over 200 photos to clear an annoying backlog.

I'm viewing this as "photo edit doodling." A subconscious process of editing images while thinking about something else.

What that something else is, I've yet to discover.

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