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There's more than one type of customer

Monday, May 13, 2024

A blue dress hangs on the left. A girl wants it because it's blue. Behind them their father debates whether it's the right price, easy to wash, she'll grow in to it and so on.

There's often more than one customer. The one we focus on most often is the user, the person who uses our products and services. The other is the buyer - the one who controls the purse strings.

This is nearly ubiquitous in B2B markets, but it also happens in B2C where there's a gatekeeper involved. Most often it's parents and kids, but it can also be romantic partners, children, brokers, wholesalers or public bodies.

When you're thinking of who the customer is in your business model design, it's helpful to consider the two roles separately. It can expose blockers in your model that limit access to more profitable segments or prevent you from extending your reach deeper into a target market.

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