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Don't you want a better phone?

Wednesday, April 03, 2024

So Kobe - a restaurant constructed from shipping containers - photographed at night

The conversation started with a comment about my iPhone SE and the endless snaps I was taking with it.

"You're a photographer. Don't you want a better phone?"

An abandoned water pump slowly rusts away by the side of a lake.

My attitude to photography is the best camera is the one in my hand. If I want to go on a photo walk, I'll pack my FujiFilm and a decent lens. My recent holiday in Sapporo was 50/50 LUMIX and iPhone. I usually have one or the other packed with me.

Unless I don't.

Kobe Power Tower at night with the moon shining alongside.

Sometimes, it's nice to just wander around with my phone and snap whatever interests me. I know what the limits of the camera are. How grainy it is likely to be. Whether the result I get will look as nice on my iPad Pro as it does on the small rectangle glued to a skinny block of plastic.

Sure, there are times when having a decent lens and some more control would be nice. But then I'm not one to live my life based on "if only..."

A concrete wall and roof with a paved path and concrete columns on the right.

My enjoyment of photography comes as much from the fun of taking the shot as the resulting picture. Every one of the nearly half million shots I have in Apple Photos from my wanderings, and archived on drives from pro shoots, has a story attached. Some good. Some not so. Each is a memory that I sometimes choose to share.

Rather than get hung up on whether I should have The Latest iPhone to get a better camera, I'll put my energy into enjoying the moment I capture.

No matter how that turns out.

Water spraying out of a pipe at a shrine in Myohoji
Iron covered house in Tatsuno Japan.
Rocks painted as characters on a garden

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