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As the sun sets on marriage: a cover image

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

A Japanese bride and groom on the left of frame look right, behind them the circle of a red setting sun

This was put together for a slideshow shared on LinkedIn. It illustrates one of the ways I'm using Generative AI in my work.

The theme is an analysis of research into attitudes to marriage in Japan. The format is an Apple Keynote, exported to PDF and shared as a document.

The bride and groom come from Bing Create and were created separately. I worked on the bride first. It took four goes, but once I got her, I swapped the "she" to "he" and prompted him. Allegedly they're in the "style of Hokusai", although I remain unconvinced.

Once I had them, I fired up Affinity Designer and tweaked them to suit my need.

I spent about 45 minutes hunting for the right stock image before I turned to Generative AI. Add in 20 minutes prompting, editing and compositing and it took a little over an hour.

This is how I want to use Bing Create and its ilk. Not as a replacement for my design skills, but something to augment them. To fill in the gaps when time is tight or my skill is lacking.

You'll find the PDF ready to download in my portfolio

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