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A walk along Okura beach

Sunday, December 24, 2023

The curve coastline of a sandy beach on the left, with the buildings of Kobe in the background and a hint of the suspension bridge

Went for the becoming-a-tradition walk on Okura beach today. Seems the past couple of years I've found myself there on Christmas weekend. It was cold and windy and thoroughly enjoyable.

 Line of rocky wave breaks runs in the center with the sea on the left and beach on the right, both merging towards the high rise blocks in the distance

This bit of Japan's probably not known for its stunning coastline, which is probably deserved. Most of the coast is lost to docks, seafront developments and land reclamation.

That said, there are some nice beaches built for Kobenites to enjoy.

(Stress: built)

In the foreground a sandy beach. Behind the twin towers and wide span of a suspension bridge crossing the Inland Sea between Kobe and Awaji island

And you're never far from a view of the Akashi bridge linking the island of Awaji with Kobe.

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