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Terms of Use

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

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These terms of use, together with any referenced policy or page, sets out the terms by which you agree to access and use this site. Any individually negotiated commercial contract that exists between us will override these terms.

This site is operated by Ross Hori, who is a freelance designer, photographer and consultant based in Kobe, Japan.

By using this site, you consent to the jurisdiction of the courts of Japan.

Archive.org and other archival websites

This site is NOT to be indexed by Archive.org.

Services which operate in a manner similar to Archive.org, for example by retrieving a complete copy of content for the purpose of presenting it in whole or part, are also prohibited from accessing this site.

This prohibition extends to use in building large language models and other AI artifacts, technologies and methods.

Information only

The contents are provided on an "information only basis". This means I do not accept liability for your actions arising from using anything you see, read or hear on this site.

Authorised use

Feel free to enjoy the content on this site. Feel free to share links to what you find interesting across social media. but

Everything on the site is copyright and no permission is given to reproduce content elsewhere.

Unauthorised use

You are not permitted to use the content on this site in whole or part. Examples of unauthorised use include, but are not limited to: republishing images in any form, using images to accompany your own works, reproducing blog posts in whole or part, deriving new works from mine. This applies regardless of whether the works are paid for or provided freely.

Unauthorised use of content will result in an invoice being issued for each instance of use (that's each web page, entry in a database, brochure, email etc).

If you would like to use something just get in touch through LinkedIn. I'm sure something can be worked out.

Search engines, bots and crawlers

You are not permitted to index, retain or interpret any of the content on this site through automated means. This shall include, but is not limited to creating databases of links, creating databases for use in Artificial Intelligence and language model research, analyzing content for inclusion in reports and other services. This shall apply regardless of the stated aims of the automated capture and processing.

An exception to this clause is provided where the intended use is for a "Search Engine" whose express purpose is to provide a public facing interface for people to enter search terms and be provided with a brief summary of content from this site, and a link to access content on this site.


The current jurisdiction for the operation of this site is Japan. By accessing the site you agree to be bound by the laws of Japan and subject to its courts.


The language of the site is British English and this shall take precedent over any other language when interpreting contents and meaning.


I will update these from time to time. Each time you use this site you accept whichever privacy policy or terms applies at that time.


2023-12-14 Updated to remove contact information and correct a spelling mistake.

2023-07-10 Added the section on "Search engines, bots and crawlers." Section on archive.org extended to include other archival databases.

My name is Ross Hori

I'm a freelance writer, designer and photographer. By day I create articles, features and reports. At night I take photos and write fiction.

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